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Mussorgsky: Boris Godunov

Mussorgsky: Boris Godunov

Mussorgsky: Boris Godunov

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1. Well, what are you waiting for?
2. For whom dost thou forsake us?
3. People of the Orthodox faith
4. Glory to thee, our Lord
5. Long live Tsar Boris Feodorovich
6. My soul is sad
7. Glory! Glory! Glory!
8. Just one more final tale
9. Lord, our Heavenly father-That same dream again
10. You have gone on writing
11. Holy father, for a long time
12. It is the bell for matins
13. I caught a grey drake
14. It all happened in the town of Kazan
15. Why don't you join in the singing?
16. There he goes-What sort of people are you?
17. I can read


1. Where are you, my dear husband?
2. Ah! That's enough now
3. So the gnat was chopping some firewood
4. Ah, nurse, nanny
5. Ah!-What? Has a wild beast...
6. I have achieved supreme power
7. How heavily weights the right hand of the fearful judge
8. Ah, shoo!
9. Our little parrot was sitting
10. My son, my own dear child!
11. Ah, the most illustrious orator
12. Take measures immediatly
13. At the cathedral in Uglich
14. On the azure Vistula
15. Enough!
16. Ruzya, I do not need you today-How tediously...
17. Ah! It's you, my father!
18. Captivate the Pretender with your beauty!
19. Your eyes have started to sparkle with a hellish flame
20. At the garden...near the fountain
21. Tsarevich!
22. A humble, sinful pilgrim
23. Tsarevich, conceal yourself!
24. That crafty Jesuit
25. The wife of that toothless debauchee
26. It is she! Marina!
27. But it is not for amorous conversations
28. You alaone, Marina I worship
29. Leaders from all corners of Russia
30. O, Tsarevich, I beg you, do nor curse me


1. Boyars of noble rank
2. What? Let us vote, boyars
3. It's a pity thatPrince Shuisky isn't here
4. Get away...get away!
5. A humble monk
6. Once in a deep sleep
7. Leave us! All of you, go!
8. O Lord! Look down
9. Over here! Sit him down on the stump!
10. Trrr, trrr, tin hat!-The moon is on its travels
11. The sun and the moon have faded
12. Hurrah! Daring boldness has broken free
13. Domine, salvum fac Regem
14. Glory to you, tsarevitch!
15. We, Dimitri Ivanovich
16. Flow, flow bitter tears!

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