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A Dangerous Woman 1 Becomes 2 Issue

A Dangerous Woman 1 Becomes 2 Issue

A Dangerous Woman 1 Becomes 2 Issue

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The World’s Most Dangerous Woman: We Are Not Amused: When a utility company tries to cover-up their illegal activities, Miss Lyme must find a way to thwart their social engineering schemes.

The World’s Most Dangerous Woman: Just Say No: When Spain’s First Lady’s tipsy behaviour has dire consequences, Miss Lyme must play peacemaker before the wrong parties become offended.

The Sparrow: Dream Detective and the Case of the Dream Echo: Lexine Lark has two clients with the same bizarre recurring dream, yet can the Sparrow unlock the two very different cases in time? Includes the bedtime stories The duck who adopted a dove and The girl who wanted a pet gorilla.

The Sparrow: Dream Detective and the Case of the Static Dreaminicity: The Sparrow and the Keeper of the Seeds deal with clingy twins who keep interfering in one another’s dreams. Includes the bedtime stories The figment that was in love with his creator and The cat that found a key.

The Detective: Egalité! Fraternité! Assassine!: Detective Madelon Rembert must save a naïve doctor from a corrupted priest during the French Revolution with a bloodied cross as her only key to safety.

The Detective: The Caretaker’s Broom: Detective Tulip Honeyborne is in charge of saving a reckless and infatuated teenager from a mobster in mid-1980’s Belgrade as she must solve the murder of a high school custodian.

Miss Holly Lake and the Secret Trunk: Holly, along with her sister Verity and her best friends Modesty Perth Eckhart and Ardith Ventura all go for a week long escapade up North to unwind, but when a young aspiring theatre actor they befriend finds a locked trunk in his cottage; the ladies take it upon themselves to find its rightful owner – that is, until the man goes missing along with the trunk.

Miss Holly Lake and the Star Harvest: An elderly couple ask Holly to help them decide to invest in a complex money-making scheme to raise enough funds to help their sickly grandson. Will Holly, with help of her polymath mother Calista solve the scam before the couple lose their life savings – and their grandson?

I Am Jane Doe: The Storm of the Red Seeds: A sixteen year old cold case of a murdered twenty year old suspected escort brings Jane as a campaign volunteer to a popular and progressive councilwoman whose own troubled and secret past is about to collide with the tragic past of her wife.

I am Jane Doe: The Quill that Tipped the Scales: An unsolved murder of a costumed party-goer from five years ago and a blind item in a gossip column seem unrelated until Jane goes undercover at a posh nightclub as a hostess and discovers a vengeful DJ will stop at nothing to settle old scores.

Meet the Numbers: Visit the exciting quarters where 4 lives.

Meet the Numbers: Get the low-down on the easy-going number 5.

The Goditor: Part Four: Where is the Trouble?: After Cinnamon and Strahinja find a tunnel, the Goditor then finds a detective to break open the case.

The Goditor: Part Five: Why did it break?: In this penultimate instalment, Opie and his new friend Strahinja team up to find one half of the solution while Cinnamon is targeted by the ones who have stolen the most powerful energy in the universe.

American Playlist: Part Four: Sally Ann faces the fall-out of her stunt as her daughter Payton adds to her troubles.

American Playlist: Part Five: Sally Ann is taunted by her arch nemesis and former mentor Randall Crane who vows to give her title to his latest find, a younger and more debauched singer known as Liquid.


Musings from the Tower of Babel: How authors must turn over new pages by creating a new medium to tell their stories.

Musings from the Tower of Babel: How publishers need to create a better cover to judge their books.

Miss Alexandra Kitty’s Sensible Guide for Impossible People: Examines why victimhood is all the rage and how to stop the dreadful cycle.

Miss Alexandra Kitty’s Sensible Guide for Impossible People: Why the impossible insist on dressing in the wrong direction.

Don’t Believe It!: How manipulators shape the news: Chapter 5 looks at propaganda in the news and how easy it is hidden out in the open.

Don’t Believe It!: How manipulators shape the news: Chapter 6 begins a new section on how the roles of newsmakers are contrived in news reports.


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