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A Dangerous Woman 2014 Sampler

A Dangerous Woman 2014 Sampler

A Dangerous Woman 2014 Sampler

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The Stories
The World’s Most Dangerous Woman: A Man on the Ticket: A major
bank heist reveals some most steamy secrets and Miss Lyme is hired to
retrieve some sensitive documents before they end up in the wrong hands.

The Sparrow: Dream Detective: The Case of the Dreamless: When a
client’s insomnia prevents her from entering the dream world, The Sparrow
must use her greatest weapon to help her fall asleep, but can a deaf woman
hear the Sparrow’s sweet lullaby? Includes the bedtime stories The dog who
chased leaves and The day that rebelled against the week.

Dangerous Science, Issue Delta: Folie en Masse: Practical scientific
pranks with purpose!

Don’t Believe It!: How Manipulators Shape the News: Chapter Four:
How interviews work in the newsworld – and how they don’t.

About the Author

Alexandra Kitty is a dangerous woman who is the author of Don’t Believe It!: How lies become news, OutFoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s war on journalism, and Consumer-isms in 12 Easy Steps. She has also written for Elle Canada, Presstime, Current, Quill, Critical Review, Skeptic, and Editor & Publisher. She has taught writing at the Sheridan Institute and Mohawk College as well as Metalwork Arts at Niagara College, and won the 2004 Arch Award from McMaster University. She lives in Hamilton, Ontario.


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