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A Maze of Murder

A Maze of Murder

A Maze of Murder

Yazar: Kate Krake
Yayınevi : Krakenfire Media
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  • Dili : İngilizce | ISBN : 1230003122945 | Format : Epub

Belinda Drake is a witch with a passion for mysteries, an addiction to chocolate, and a penchant for keeping to herself. In her new life in Blackthorn Springs, she’s got everything she needs, even if she is the world’s most incompetent witch.

When her neighbor turns up dead, Belinda recognizes the Mortis Curse, one of the most evil spells known to witch kind. At the same time, the life she thought she’d left behind starts knocking at her door.

Now she must find the killer before her quiet existence descends into darkness.

A Maze of Murder is the first novel in the intriguing Belinda Drake supernatural mystery series. If you like fast-paced mysteries and witty heroines with a charming ensemble of supernatural friends, then you’ll love this magical series from Kate Krake.

Buy A Maze of Murder today and delve into an enchanting world of magic and mystery.