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Blood Trail

Blood Trail

Blood Trail

Yayınevi : Pulpwood Press
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  • Dili : İngilizce | ISBN : 9781386850465 | Format : Epub

Could John Jordan commit murder?

What about Anna or Merrill?

When the body of Anna’s ex-husband and stalker is found murdered at the Dead Lakes Campground everyone is a suspect—but no one more so than John Jordan and those closet to him.

The brutality with which the body has been beaten indicates a crime of rage and personal vendetta. The staging of the crime scene demonstrates a crafty criminal skilled in the art of both subterfuge and homicide investigation techniques.

Is there any way that John can see this case clearly? Is there any way he wants to?

A mystery with profound consequences for John and those he loves most, Blood Trail is a riveting entry in a unique and stellar series.