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Blossoms in Darkness

Blossoms in Darkness

Blossoms in Darkness

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  • Dili : İngilizce | Barkod : 9781681973654 | Format : Epub

Blossoms in Darkness: Ignorance was my excuse for my dysfunctional life until I discovered Truth; is a journey from darkness to light. I had one foot in darkness as I struggled to be freed from the hands of arrogance, pride, and self to be in the light of truth. Do not be afraid of who you are but of what can control you.

I was like a dying moth in desperate search for light…for the divine light of my soul. I was unhappy but didn’t know I had to change. I lived my life with blinders on my eyes, looking straight ahead, not to the right or to the left. I did not want to lose focus of myself.

I have been the wheat, and I have been the dreadful weeds on the same path of life. I have bravely worn the helmet of gentleness and generosity with an audience of approval. So too I have played the role of the villain, with applause from the same shallow minds as I.

The plan I had for my life was scribbled on old rotten wood and crumbled into nothingness, but God’s plan for my life was adorned from unending light.

Blossoms in Darkness is a spiritual journey of emotions and fears, smeared with trials and imagination, canvassed on a rainy pallet of struggle and rejection. It challenged a soul to bring forth a black-and-white snapshot into a masterpiece of exceptional vibrancy.


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