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Book 2 – Genesis 21 – Genesis 41 – Exhaustively Cross Referenced Bible

Book 2 – Genesis 21 – Genesis 41 – Exhaustively Cross Referenced Bible

Book 2 – Genesis 21 – Genesis 41 – Exhaustively Cross Referenced Bible

Yayınevi : Daystar Publishing
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The EXHAUSTIVELY CROSS-REFERENCED BIBLE is a comprehensive and detailed listing of 231,000 Cross-Referenced Scriptures covering 25,611 pages in total. It works as is, for all scriptures are quoted from a modern English language literal word for word translation, but it also works with any Bible translation, because each cross-reference is based upon similar ideas expressed within other parts of the Bible by other Bible writers. It is exhaustive, and so for every verse within the entire Bible record you will find verses from within all the other books that contain similar thoughts. This gives the reader a balanced view, a scriptural view of every verse, by letting the Bible itself balance out our understanding. The Bible is after all the only authority governing true faith. The average number of cross-reference verses for the entire Bible is 8 per verse, and the most is 79, found at Galatians 6:7. What You sow you will reap! The number of cross-references for each verse is a firm indicator of the overall importance of that verse’s content within the entire Bible record. So there is a count of cross-references for every verse.

The EXHAUSTIVELY CROSS-REFERENCED BIBLE is divided into 66 Books with approximately 400 pages in each book. The reader can consult the accompanying Master Index for the breakdowns of where each volume starts and ends, for they do not follow Bible books precisely. There are no book breaks within chapters but only at the end of complete chapters. The entire work is 25,611 pages long. Each of the 66 numbered volumes is approximately 400 pages and each volume costs $1.00. Readers should use the provided Master Index to find the volume containing the information they need to look up, which costs only $1.00. Others will want to download the entire book of some 25,611 pages. The cross-references provide a valuable tool for finding out what the Bible itself teaches, verse by verse, and within the context of all other Bible teachings. It will soon become the most valuable scriptural reference you own.

The EXHAUSTIVELY CROSS-REFERENCED BIBLE makes looking up all (231,636) cross-references simple and enjoyable. Also included are 11,774 valuable footnotes from the translators. No Bible uses color like this one, for all of God’s words are in Brown, all known Messianic prophecies are in Teal and all Jesus’ statements are in Blue. Also every keyword in every verse is highlighted in light green within its supporting cross-references. Every verse has a unique Book Name, Chapter and Verse identifier so they can be easily searched for and all the Chapters are indexed, if your eReader supports that. Great attention has been taken to make it a readers’ delight with large enough type and wide line-spacings for easy reading.

The EXHAUSTIVELY CROSS-REFERENCED BIBLE, will have a footnote paragraph for every footnoted verse. This is also in Red type and Superscript font and it appears right below the text of the verse. If there are multiple footnotes then they appear in the text with the superscripted numbers 1-6 and their footnotes are listed separately below in the same order. Also the referenced scriptures have been fully expanded, they are all looked up for ease of direct reading by the student. Words appearing in small CAPS represent plurals to make the reading clearer in English. This version has 108,000 more references than the printed 1984 hardcopy book edition.

Punctuation has been greatly simplified. The (;) indicates a change of speaker or audience, and it is used exclusively in this manner. The (:) is used to denote a Bible quote from another location within the Bible, this also is used exclusively in this manner. Also all (“”) have been removed, which clarifies the text and makes for easier reading and computerized searching. All of the [] words have been changed to light green to indicate words that are not actually in the original.

Perhaps the most important change you will see in this version is the change to the correct use of Yehowah's glorious name. In the past many Christians have used the name Jehovah which is a translation of the ancient tetragrammaton through the Latin derivation of it. The letters (Y) and (W), which do appear in Hebrew though, are the correct letters to use in the Hebrew tetragrammaton (YHWH) which anciently was written without vowels. Since we must worship with spirit and truth (John 4:23) the name of Yehowah has been restored in the text of this Bible and throughout the footnotes.

This fine series of books will all become a treasured part of your divine library throughout your life. This means everlasting life, their taking in knowledge of the only true God, and of the one whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ! (John 17:3)


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