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Call Of Spiritual Duty

Call Of Spiritual Duty

Call Of Spiritual Duty

Yazar: C.S.Lizarde
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  • Dili : İngilizce | Barkod : 9781635253306 | Format : Epub

In these times the world is challenged constantly under days of darkness and despair. And soon the day will come when the revival among our nation will become inevitable. With headlines sweeping across our nation causing terror and confusion within our borders, calling wicked acts good and good teachings false. At some point we would have to wonder who is controlling this madness, and is their some type of wizard behind the curtain we call life?

In this story you will find, if not all, some of the answers you’ve been wondering about and if there is any truth to it. Join in on this letter as the pages reveal some of the wizards behind the curtain and the truths they don’t want you to know.

Now is the time to open our eyes and stay vigilant. We shall endure to the very end.


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