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Eternity Matters: A Journey of a Chaplain Assistant Post 9-11

Eternity Matters: A Journey of a Chaplain Assistant Post 9-11

Eternity Matters: A Journey of a Chaplain Assistant Post 9-11

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Life is about walking every day circumspectly. The most important thing in life is having purpose and meaning for living because eternity does matter. Values, eternal values, are what gives us a reason to live and transcends our ability to develop relationships and cherish the time with friends and family. 

In war, historians focus on the destruction, tactics, and the atrocities inflicted on mankind and its impact on humanity; however, there is also a spiritual dimension of war that alters military members and their families for generations. Jesus Christ came to heal the brokenhearted, and many unsung heroes throughout history have served in ways that have never been documented in our history books without ever receiving the Medal of Honor or the accolades of the combat troops. Those are people that serve in the medical or chaplaincy who are there in the midst of suffering, crisis intervention, and grief. Many of the wounded warriors’ injuries focused on physical evidence, but it is the unseen mental and emotional scars that can be the most devastating. Chaplains and chaplain assistants work as a team to care for the wounded and injured, helping them to overcome the hurt and pain and encourage them to go deeper in their respective faith. Our nation’s military need to be encouraged and given guidance on the value of spiritual resiliency and afforded the opportunities and rights of the First Amendment in the free exercise of religion. 

What do you say to a grieving spouse or parent over the loss of a sacred fallen military member? What words do you choose to comfort a young marine who just lost both of his legs in the hospital? People in need of crisis intervention require guidance and care and in some instances the right referral to address their issues. Empathic listening, equanimity, ministry of presence, stabilizing influence in the midst of the storm with a servant-hearted attitude and grace-oriented style is the formula for any successful ministry team. The most valuable asset in my experience is our faith and knowledge of God’s word that is able to give hope and comfort to those in need. 

As a spiritual caregiver, we need the eternal assurance provided in the scriptures to bring light and life in the darkest circumstances. Questions like why did God allow this? Is there life after death? And Pontus Pilates’s question to Jesus, “What is truth?” The brevity of life, life is precious, and understanding eternity defines existence. That is why eternity matters.

National Veterans crisis line: 800 273-8255.


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