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How to Break Your Identification with Emotional Trauma in 10 Days

How to Break Your Identification with Emotional Trauma in 10 Days

How to Break Your Identification with Emotional Trauma in 10 Days

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  • Dili : İngilizce | Barkod : 9781732083257 | Format : Epub

During the next ten days, you will learn to break your identification with emotional traumas by restoring your original consciousness, the essential nature of who you are.

We are designed to learn from our experiences, but not to become them.

Your original consciousness precedes any circumstances, beliefs, or learned experiences that could be determinant factors of your personality

We don’t need to create an identity with our circumstances, we need to discover it within us.

In this book you will learn valuable tools that will help you reach the awareness of your true self or original persona while disconnecting from false identifications created by emotional trauma, such as:


-Visualization and breathing techniques to improve your meditation

- How to recognize your original persona

- Connection words to help you reach awareness more effectively

- Neurolinguistic programming

- How to use breathing and visualization to close past experiences

This book contains ten guided meditations and visualizations that help you reestablish your self awareness and disconnect from the awareness of traumatic experiences. These techniques are a practical application of the concepts learned in "The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness: Soul Restructuring".

The Author, Johanna Bassols, is known for her practical and experiential ways of teaching us how to stimulate our connection to higher consciousness by becoming aware of our original persona. A concept that she presents in her books, accompanied by guided exercises, like the ones in this book, that allow us to experience it.

If you prefer to have an audiovisual experience of this progressive program to reach your true self awareness, you can access the online class at the Healers of the Light website.