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It Began with a Sigh

It Began with a Sigh

It Began with a Sigh

Yayınevi : Monarchal Glenn Press
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  • Dili : İngilizce | Barkod : 9781386993520 | Format : Epub

It Began with a Sigh... 7 sizzling romances that will leave you breathless. Get lost in slow, burning, kisses; wild nights; and love that makes you sigh in adoration.

Rebecca Lovell: At Any Cost - Martin Caiber is the son of a former Chicago mob boss, who doesn't want to follow in his father's footsteps. When he finds out someone is trying to kill him, he hires Michelle "The Hawk" Andress - the daughter of a hitman - to be his bodyguard. The attraction is instantaneous but before they can explore what they mean to one another, they have to stay alive first.

Dawn Brower: One Heart to Give - Daniella has trouble connecting with other people. There is one person she connects with--Rendall. Circumstances beyond her control tear them apart, and she leaves him behind. When Daniella left without a word it broke Ren's heart. He moves on without her, but has always loved her. They meet again ten year later and must figure out if they can be friends again or something more.

Aubrey Wynne: Paper Love - Growing up in a Papua New Guinea mission, Joss Palmateer is a gentle soul with a unique view of life. Still adjusting to a new home in the U.S and the sudden loss of her mother, love is the last thing on her mind. Sexy physical therapist, Ben Montgomery, meets his sister's friend and the sparks fly. He takes it as a challenge when she ignores his advances, but it's her extraordinary inner beauty that captures his heart. With the help of a stray homing pigeon and an old origami legend, Ben sets an unwavering course of romance to win her love.

Elizabeth St.John: Destined by Design - Best friends Zac and Gina are inseparable until the unavoidable happened. Zac kisses his friend, changing their relationship in a flash. Friendship is no longer the name of the game. Fearing the unknown, Zac caused them to veer from their path destined by fate. Gina is left to pick up the pieces. Many years of struggle and suffering passed but their paths crossed again. Memories and feelings come flooding back to them both, but Zac has a life-altering secret he is keeping from Gina. Will they resist or might fate take control?

Lauren Smith: Legally Charming- Jared Redmond, a top flight real estate attorney, is a workaholic. But when he comes home early from a business trip and discovers a beautiful woman wearing a princess gown asleep in his bed, everything changes. Felicity Hart, an art history graduate student, is everything he thinks he doesn't need in his life but one kiss, one heck of a dress, and one night with his little princess will change his mind and his heart forever.

Ari Thatcher: Fighting Downforce - He was the best part of her week in Italy. Mr. Tall, Dark, and Touch-me-there. They never even exchanged names. Then the sexy billionaire shows up at the racetrack wanting to buy half of her stock car team. Alexis needs a co-owner, but the price Noah's demanding is too high. Can she keep her team afloat while protecting its reputation...and her heart?

Leona Bushman: Blood is Thicker - Mary asks Ian to pose in fake engagement. Mary is being pressured by her cousin to give in to his demands and marry him. In desperation, she asks a friend's brother to pose as her fiance, but right from the beginning, she felt drawn to him and wanted more than his momentary protection. Ian agrees to the fake engagement before knowing she was the friend his sister had tried to set him up with. From the moment she walked in the door, something about her said mine. He tries to use him money to provide protection for her when circumstances separate them, but will it be enough or will her cousin kill her for her money?


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