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Last Dance in Phoenix

Last Dance in Phoenix

Last Dance in Phoenix

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  • Dili : İngilizce | Barkod : 1230000443814 | Format : Epub

Kent should have it made. He has a decent job, a beautiful wife and a nice home in a trendy part of the city. Everything seems to be in its right place, at least until an old childhood friend re-emerges. Kent's life quickly begins disintegrating, starting with blackmail and progressing into murder. Someone is trying to ruin Kent's cozy little setup, and Kent isn't about to go down without a fight.


“What a perfect book. A beautifully written story of a despicable man doing horrible things for all the wrong reasons. I loved it!” —Mike Monson, editor of All Due Respect

"Kurt Reichenbauch [has] obviously read a lot of crime fiction and knows this genre very well. The result is a fast-paced and gripping tale that will engage and entertain even those readers who are well-versed in the field—a very good read." —James Thane, author of Until Death

"Last Dance in Phoenix is a compelling, constantly readable noir nightmare that travels from the sleazy strip-joints of inner city Phoenix, to the local dive bars of Scottsdale before ending in an explosion of morally dubious violence in the millionaire populated neighborhood of Fountain Hills. This is a dance that mystery and noir fans will want to cut in on." -- Tim Potter

"[An] action packed noir/thriller/suspense novel where nothing is as it seems and nobody can be trusted. Kurt Reichenbaugh is a very good story teller who did a wonderful job of creating twists and turns in the story which were unexpected and still believable." -- Chris McCoy

"A hard-boiled murder story. Reichenbaugh knows his genre and the story is tight-wound--bouncing between cubicle-land, rumpled beds and violence." -- Steve Collington


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