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Yayınevi : Frith Books
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  • Dili : İngilizce | Barkod : 1230001431636 | Format : Epub

It sounds like child’s play. Keep Tony’s giant rag doll Mophead in your home for a week and win the £1000 bet. The trouble is, everyone who tries gets scared out of their mind. Maybe they should listen to Tony’s parting advice: “He doesn’t like to be left on his own for too long. It only makes things worse...”                        

Why does living with Mophead always turn into your darkest nightmare? After all, he’s just a stuffed guy, like the kind you burn on Bonfire Night, and you know he can’t really hurt you. But things look different when evening falls—and so does Mophead, sitting at the end of your couch. You could swear he has grown and his stringy grey hair seems a little longer than before. You lie awake in bed listening to every sound, trying to reassure yourself that inanimate objects cannot get up and creep about, especially ones that have no feet.

Tony is just a phone call away. He’s promised he’ll come at any time and take Mophead off your hands—and collect his winnings of course. But how can you admit to being scared of a rag doll, even when you notice a kitchen knife has gone missing?


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