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My 3 Heroes

My 3 Heroes

My 3 Heroes

Yazar: Eva Casino
Yayınevi : Trafford Publishing
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  • | Barkod : 9781426938382 | Format : Epub

My 3 Heroes is the story of one woman’s fiery determination to give her three brave, handicapped children the opportunity to live in peace, with dignity and to see them achieve far beyond the limits set for them by the social norms of their day.

She shared a quality that her patron saint, Joan of Arc exemplified: a determination to realize her vision. In Eva’s case, it was to see two of her children reach a high level of education. She was undeterred when the minister of education told her “they were unable to be educated,” and some in the medical profession suggested she “put them away,” advising her not to become too attached.

Eva’s story leads the reader through the setbacks and successes of her daughter Mary Ellen’s struggle to learn Braille, and eventually attain a degree in social work at York University. Paul’s determination, like his sister, despite partial blindness and debilitating bone disease, led him to receive a music degree from the same university.

At every step, Eva was there for her “heroes.” Ross, the frailest, required Eva to learn how to administer complex medications through the use of a syringe; thus giving Ross, who died at the age of seventeen, a longer than expected lifespan.


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