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Yazar: Betty Vogel
Yayınevi : Trafford
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  • | Barkod : 9781466938205 |

Paws is a selfish, opinionated cat "whose God" as St. Paul says, "is her belly." Yet, despite her compulsive, often questionable lifestyle, she has moments of grace inspired by Frideswide, the contemplative cat who lives next door in the clergy house. There she counsels Paws with her frequent problems and her various forays into the social, spiritual and political arenas. The book is charmingly illustrated by Nancy and Sandra Walton. Patrick O'Leary contributes profound photos.

Reviewed by Heather Raff, PhD, Toronto:

"Betty Vogel has written a delightful series of stories about Paws, a cat living with Mildred in a Vancouver downtown eastside residence. Basically opinionated and self-indulgent, Paws does sometimes listen to Friedswide, the calm, contemplative cat who lives next door in the Anglican clergy house. But mostly Paws lives for the enjoyment and satisfaction of her own needs, as she plans to enter a marathon, or donate to a far off charity, or observe Lent, or travel to Rhodes.

T.S. Eliot would have loved this little book for the down to earth humour and imaginative depth of this cat world. Underlying these encounters of Paws and the others' daily life, whether social, political, or spiritual, and whether ridiculous or wise, there is the sense that for all its frustrations, life is good, and to be enjoyed. And counter-balancing this surface world of daily happneings are the glimpses of the depth of the great and unfathomable love of God. Paws: the Spiritual Journey of a Downtown Eastside Cat makes a wonderful gift for family and friends of all ages. Brightening each episode are brilliant and colourful illustraions by the Waltons and two photos of the real Paws by O'Leary. These capture the same spirit as the prose stories themselves, full of fun, compassion and insight. Each story will bring a smile to the reader's face."


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