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Sober For The Health Of It

Sober For The Health Of It

Sober For The Health Of It

Yazar: Pauline Gray
Yayınevi : Trafford
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  • | Barkod : 9781426935923 | Format : Epub

Sober For The Health Of It is a self-help/recovery book which examines the disease of alcoholism. This book addresses the total person: mental, physical and emotional. It highlights biochemical rebalancing through proper nutrition, versus pharmacology and hospital diets.

It shows the development and delivery of services rendered to alcoholics and focuses on nutritional education for the treatment of alcoholism.

Within the pages of this book are reports compiled on the authors' personal experience with alcoholics, reports cited by the medical profession, interviews with former inmates of New York correctional facilities and long-time members of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The book contains information for teens by teens, special problems to women, schizophrenia and alcohol, and alcohol abuse among the elderly.

Included is a chapter entitled, "The Road Back - A whole foods approach." Sober For The Health Of It contains guidelines for The Optimal Nutritional Program, an extensive look at vitamins and minerals, the historical uses of herbs and finally, "Can Alcoholism Be Prevented."

After compiling all of this information, the author felt justified to use the techniques described within the pages because all other programs had approached the alcoholic as either having a physical and/or mental problem and never took into consideration that they are the sum total of all their parts.


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