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Spiritual Sincerity Intelligence
Spiritual Sincerity Intelligence

Spiritual Sincerity Intelligence

Yayınevi : Publisher s24395
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  • Dili : Türkçe | Barkod : 9788827528945 | Format : Epub

Spiritual Sincerity Intelligence E-Kitap Açıklaması

-Have you discovered the magnificent meaning behind material beauty? Are you aware of what has been sent into your life under the appearance of luck, accident, instinct, and inspiration of an unseen Hand? What is going on? A secret Hand which rules over the universe designs babies, butterflies, flowers, mountains, seas, eyes and hearts from drops.

-When you read the Spiritual Sincerity Intelligence, a sun will rise in your heart and will free you from the silhouettes that grin around you and from the darkness of the night. You will remember that you are a hardworking, hopeful, enthusiastic, calm, persistent, intelligent, lovable traveler of eternity.

-Are you ready to discover the power and divine will of belief, good intention, positive feelings, persistence, spiritual power and the divine will? Spiritual sincerity reveals the plan of a hidden Hand which material science cannot see. If you choose to be a friend of that hidden Hand, you will enter into the heart of the universe.

-Happiness is not related to gathering of capital but is related to the accumulated positive meanings of life. Belief is the seed of productivity, anxiety the seed of destruction. Anxiety holds us back from thinking, from enterprise, from action.

-There was a time when every skilled person was unskilled. There was a time when the intelligent person is doubtful of his intelligence. Whoever is afraid that he cannot do something today, is building the foundation of not being able to do it tomorrow.

-Rely on your positive feelings. A mass of spiritual energy in the form of excitement will possess your spirit. Trust in the Creator and behave in surety and submission so that the divine aid will truly open the road for you. Your good deeds should have high intentions. The things that will happen to you in the future will be determined not by what you did but by why you did it.
-In this book you acquaint with seven basic fields of power. These fields of power look out from the spiritual to the material universe. The position of the spiritual universes relative to the material universe is whatever your heart and spirit are relative to your material body.

-Here are some comments of readers: "I do not remember reading any book with such interest." "It leaves a flame beyond a spark in the mind of the traveler on the road of success." "You explain humans in such a way that I admired myself." "I could not have thought that I would become so attached to a book." You too will discover the secret of the magnificent interest shown to this book. Let your obstacles become your stairway. Surround yourself with holy light [nour] like a castle. Believe and resist so that even if you should fall in a silent well in an uninhabited desert, the divine help may be sent to you.


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