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The Aura Effect

The Aura Effect

The Aura Effect

Yazar: M.E Dahkid
Yayınevi : M.E Dahkid
  • Satın aldığım e-kitaplarımı nasıl okurum?
  • Dili : İngilizce | Barkod : 9781507044117 | Format : Epub

How to Unlock the Secrets behind Your Energy Fields!

You're about to discover How to take significant steps towards self-growth and an awareness of the energies around you

Have you ever had the experience of feeling really uneasy whenever there's a crowd of people around you? Do you ever have the feeling that your energy is being drained out of you? Do you ever get exhausted after talking to certain people? This is a response generated by your aura to protect you because it could be that someone else's aura is interfering with yours.

Everyone can sense this energy field, in one way or another, but will do so in different ways. Some people can see this energy field. Others can feel, sense, or even hear the tone of the aura. You can sense this auric force in any enclosed space where there are a lot of people, and where variable energies, positive and negative are being inter-charged.

In "The Aura Effect", you will discover what helps to keep the mind, body and spirit together while enhancing your state of mind and emotions, and health.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

  • The Aura and it's Energy Fields
  • Types of Energy Fields
  • Knowing Your Aura & Energy Fields
  • History of Aura
  • Energy Field Concept
  • The Benefits of Knowing Your Aura
  • The Difference Between Auras and Chakras
  • Chakra as the energy center of the Aura
  • The Essential 7
  • The Anatomy of Aura – 7 Auric Layers
  • ....and Much, much more!

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