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The Complete Joseph Conrad

The Complete Joseph Conrad

The Complete Joseph Conrad

Yazar: Joseph Conrad
Yayınevi : Bybliotech
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  • Dili : İngilizce | Barkod : 9781628400632 | Format : Epub

The Complete Works of Joseph Conrad, including "Heart of Darkness" and "Nostromo"
All 18 Novels and 27 Short-Stories, plus Essays, Memoirs and Drama!

For over a century the works of Joseph Conrad have been included on the literary "Must Read" lists. Books such as "Heart of Darkness", "The Secret Agent", and "Nostromo" were incredibly popular when they were released, and many decades later they are still being read and discussed, and even adapted into successful cult movies such as 'Apocalypse Now' and 'The Duellists'.

Joseph Conrad's writing-style is greatly praised, and his skill as a storyteller is so great that even F. Scott Fitzgerald once declared "I'd rather have written Nostromo than any other novel."

˃˃˃ The COMPLETE Works in One Great Ebook

This huge volume contains all 18 of Conrad's novels, including "The Nature of a Crime" which was written with Ford Madox Ford, and which is left out of many other collections. It also contains all 27 of the short-stories, all delivered within the collections in which they were originally published. There are also numerous essays and personal memoirs, as well as the short play "One Day More" which is often overlooked in collections of Joseph Conrad.

All the texts in this huge volume have been beautifully formatted and checked for errors, and the volume contains an extensive interactive table of contents for ease of navigation.

˃˃˃ The Complete Works - For the Price of One Book!

For a similar price to just one ebook by Joseph Conrad, you could own every book he ever wrote! Bybliotech are committed to making high-quality ebooks, and we believe they represent the best value available on e-readers today.

The books contained in this huge volume are:


Almayer’s Folly

An Outcast Of The Islands

The Nigger Of The Narcissus

Lord Jim

The Inheritors


Heart Of Darkness



The Secret Agent

Under Western Eyes



The Shadow-Line

The Arrow Of Gold

The Rescue

The Nature Of A Crime

The Rover


Tales Of Unrest:

Karain: A Memory

The Idiots

An Outpost Of Progress

The Return

The Lagoon



Amy Foster


The End Of The Tether

A Set Of Six:

Gaspar Ruiz

The Informer

The Brute

An Anarchist

The Duel

Il Conde

'Twixt Land & Sea:

A Smile Of Fortune

The Secret Sharer

Freya Of The Seven Isles

Within The Tides:

The Planter Of Malata

The Partner

The Inn Of The Two Witches

Because Of The Dollars

Tales Of Hearsay:

The Warrior's Soul

Prince Roman

The Tale

The Black Mate


One Day More


The Mirror Of The Sea

A Personal Record

Notes On My Books

Notes On Life & Letters

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