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The David Livingstone Collection

The David Livingstone Collection

The David Livingstone Collection

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The DAVID LIVINGSTONE COLLECTION brings together some of the most well-known and beloved writings pertaining to Livingstone and his amazing career as a missionary and explorer. This volume if beautifully illustrated with dozens of the original woodcuts and contains the complete texts of:

1. Livingstone's Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa.
This is the classic that really made Livingstone famous. It includes how he felt called to missions work, his early explorations, how he survived an early lion attack and much more! Contains 32 chapters and over 40 illustrations!
2. The Last Journals of David Livingstone, Vol 1
After Livingstone passed away many thought his research and journals were lost. Thankfully they were preserved, located and published in two volumes, each containing 13 chapters with many beautiful illustrations.
3. The Last Journals of David Livingstone, Vol 2
4. The Life of David Livingstone by Garden Blaikie.
An in-depth and touch reflection on the life of the great missionary explorer. This volume brings out aspects of his life, character, spirituality and ministry that were often overlooked due to his many exploits and discoveries. Contains 23 chapters plus 5 appendixes.
5. How I Found Livingstone, by Henry M Stanley.
"Dr Livingstone, I presume?" These now famous words were uttered by Stanley when he finally found Livingstone - whom many thought had perished in Africa. This lively account follows Stanley from the beginning of his commission to find Livingstone, through much hardship, until he finally met Livingstone. 17 Chapters with Illustrations.

• Almost 100 chapters!
• Includes dozens of original illustrations!
• Fully searchable, formatted for your eReader with an Optimized Table of Contents


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