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The Lost Ones Trilogy Box Set

The Lost Ones Trilogy Box Set

The Lost Ones Trilogy Box Set

Yazar: J. Peter W.
Yayınevi : J. Peter W.
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  • Dili : İngilizce | Barkod : 9781386400202 | Format : Epub

The Bone Carousel - Book 1 of The Lost Ones Trilogy

A boy born with faerie sight.

A journey into the world of the dead.

A place darker than anything he could have imagined and filled with creatures that make the fey above ground seem like things from children's tales.

This is the story of Makin Riley, a curious boy, whose obsession with faeries and monsters leads him to a cemetery that holds the doorway to the world of the dead. After being spotted by one of the reapers that travels between the worlds, the creature takes Makin's little brother's spirit, leaving him for dead. Now, Makin and his friends, Frankie and Marcus, must journey into the darkness of the dead world in order to save his brother's spirit while there's still a chance of bringing him back to life.

The Blood Masquerade - Book 2 of The Lost Ones Trilogy

The carousel is destroyed.

The Collector is defeated.

The world of the dead has been opened.

When Makin Riley went down into the world of the dead with his friends, Frankie and Marcus, they hoped to rescue his little brother, Stevie's spirit and bring him back to life. They never
intended to unleash something evil into the world of the living.

Now the living must come together, both human and fey, in order to figure out a way to return the dead back to their world. But a rogue elf named Echron sees this as an opportunity to get revenge on the courts that banished him.

The Flesh Labyrinth - Book 3 of The Lost Ones Trilogy

The fate of both the world of the living and the world of the dead depends upon whoever reaches the blue flame first.

Makin and Frankie, led by Queen Istil, must race through the fey labyrinth in order to get to the flame of Tuatha before Erchon, the rogue elf, can get his hands on it. But the maze is filled with dark creatures and more zombies by the minute.

If Makin wants to save his brother's spirit, along with the rest of both the living and the dead, he needs to figure out the way through the flesh labyrinth before it's too late.


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