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The World's Greatest Speeches

The World's Greatest Speeches

The World's Greatest Speeches

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Yayınevi : Bybliotech
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  • Dili : İngilizce | Barkod : 9781628409550 | Format : Epub

A great speech is more than just words, it is at once truth, emotion, inspiration and conviction. It speaks to the not only to the heart and the mind, but also to the soul. In this book are 50 of the greatest speeches ever given in human history, from Socrates to Nelson Mandela, and with everyone in between

The gift of rhetoric is given to just a few great speakers in each generation, who use their words to inspire and uplift the people, sometimes to achieve greatness, at other times to resist evil. In a few inspirational cases a great speech has changed history, conquering hatred and dissolving disputes. In other cases is has shone a light on great evils, lit the flame of liberty in people's hearts and lead them onto the path of freedom.

This book contains the most inspiring words ever spoken in over 3000 years of human civilisation. If you are looking for inspiration and leadership, or the qualities of human decency, intelligence and compassion, tenacity and strength, then look no further than the pages of this book, and the words of the some of the greatest speakers to have ever lived.


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