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Vampire Strippers from Saturn

Vampire Strippers from Saturn

Vampire Strippers from Saturn

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Chuck Palahniuk’s Choke meets Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood meets an episode of HBO’s old, late night series Real Sex meets the movie Death Becomes Her meets Condoleeza Rice’s collection of unflushed tampons.

Time is infinite, and so are strippers. 

The beautiful and sultry Rene leads her trio of vampire strippers from (around) Saturn to destroy Earth. Their demonic foes—the plots—have hunted them across time; Earth is the last remaining planet with sentient life in this version of the universe. Rene’s love affair with a man who is half-horse, half-boy in a future version of Earth threatens her desire to inspire the apocalypse; if the vampire strippers fail to destroy the world now, men will be nearly extinct, and women will be hunted for sport by the surviving males. 

True love, time travel, bad music, shapeshifting plots, and a brooding supernatural detective named Will decide the fate of Earth in more than two realities. Can Rene prevent an apathetic future while allowing Earth to survive? 

Time travel, it turns out, really isn’t all that complicated, and neither are women.



“There are no rules, logic is tarred and feathered, dead people come back to life, there's a severed head talking and every scene capsizes into a level of surrealism that would make David Lynch go into depression trying to film it. [It’s] like a demented late night HBO sitcom out of your worst bad weed-fueled nightmare.”

—Benoît Lelièvre, Dead End Follies

''Philosophical and self-aware, Vincenzo Bilof is the Pablo Neruda of horror-genre fiction writing a bonafide master of prose and versification, He probes familiar tropes in a way that, to my mind, NO one has done before—or could hope to emulate. Bilof shows zombies and werewolves in the same respect Wordsworth showed wandering clouds. His books are always well-researched (without ever being turgid), violent (while still being intuitive of nature’s austere beauty) and maintain a healthy vein of satire and humour throughout. One of my favorites…”

—Chris Kelso, author of The Black Dog Eats the City

Vampire Strippers From Saturn is a fun spin on what feels like an ’80′s creature paperback, tossed with a little science fiction, a heap of bizarro, and has a soundtrack oozing with fangs, headbangs, and bloody dollar bills tucked in G-strings! A great night out, if you ask me.”

—John Palisano, author of Dust of the Dead

"An atypical narrative, lyrical and dream-like, steering clear of most plot devices and characterizations one might expect from the science fiction and vampire genres. Eminently immersive."

—Made in DNA, author of Bukkake Brawl

“Vincenzo Bilof's writing is an awesome mixture of chilling narrative and state-of-the-art details and inventions. Once you've begun the book, it is impossible to put down—it is like inserting both fingers into a power socket while standing barefoot in a puddle of water.”

—Seb Doubinsky, author of Song of Synth

“Vincenzo Bilof's writing is like being beaten to death in an alley by Samuel Delaney and Chuck Palanhiuk with Robert Bloch occasionally coming over to kick you in the nuts. His darkly funny and extremely gruesome style makes him one of my favorite authors of the horror genre.”

—Konstantine Paradias, Albedo One


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