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VENGEANCE to VISION YEHOWAH'S THRONE - Book 30 - Key Themes By Subjects

VENGEANCE to VISION YEHOWAH'S THRONE - Book 30 - Key Themes By Subjects

VENGEANCE to VISION YEHOWAH'S THRONE - Book 30 - Key Themes By Subjects

Yayınevi : Daystar Publishing
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  • Dili : İngilizce | Barkod : 1230002532035 | Format : Epub

KEY THEMES & BIBLE TEACHINGS – is a compilation of 5,888 of the most cross-referenced verses within the Bible record, verses that have 10 or more cross-references each. Search the site for KEY THEMES & BIBLE TEACHINGS MASTER INDEX for the index of all the subject entries in each volume which index costs $1.00. This index shows every book in the series and all the topics they cover. Thus before you buy a book in the series you will know exactly what it covers. KEY THEMES & BIBLE TEACHINGS collects together the most often repeated thoughts in the Bible and organizes them into a subject index so that the reader can readily find what the Bible states about any subject within a few seconds.

Also each verse has all of its (10+) cross-references so that the reader can then drill down on at least 10 and sometimes as many at 80 other verses that state very similar thoughts. All scripture verses and references are fully documented and looked up for the reader. They have also been color coded to highlight keywords appearing in the base scripture within all of its cross-references. The document is indexed so that the reader can look up any theme scripture directly. The number of cross-references is also counted to show the relative importance of a particular verse within the Bible record.

KEY THEMES & BIBLE TEACHINGS – has been divided into 34 segments of approximately 333 pages in each segment, for the entire document is 11,065 page in total, far to large for eReaders. Each segment costs $1.00. The Master Index shows the reader which segment contains the subjects he/she is looking for. For most subjects there is more than one entry, and thus the reader can generally find hundreds of scriptures relating to the subject he/she is looking for quickly and easily. All scriptures are quoted from a modern language English literal word for word translation, and all references are given so that the reader may check the content against any Bible if so desired.

The format for each topic listed, is first to show a paraphrase of the verse, to help in understanding it, then the literal translation of the verse, a count of the number of cross-references, and then all of the cross-references in Bible canon order. This in turn is done for all 5,888 verse references within the entire document. Natural Divisions include Counsel, Jesus Teachings, Paul’s teachings, Moses Teachings, Yehowah God’s Qualities and Roles, Messianic Prophecies and many others. The Subject version is organized strictly by SUBJECT matter. Choose which ever one works best for you!

Other fine books by this author in 6 series are;

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Digital Concordance (101 Volumes)

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Key Themes And Bible Teachings (A Bible Subject Index in 34 Volumes)

They will all become a treasured part of your divine library throughout your life. This means everlasting life, their taking in knowledge of the only true God, and of the one whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ! (John 17:3)


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