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Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

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  • Dili : İngilizce | Barkod : 9781641146470 | Format : Epub

I’ve been known as the poet now for forty years. I’ve had that license plate most of those years, and now the Department of Motor Vehicles just sends me that plate every year.


February 1977, I had just turned forty, and we were going through some rough times, I had never read the Bible before, and upon our mantle was a large one gathering dust. I took it down and opened it, and the words jumped clear off the pages and hung there in midair.


The Lord really got my attention, and I started to read the New Testament, and in three months, I had read it through eighteen times. I started going to church, I went up to the altar and asked Jesus into my heart. I never liked poetry, but instantly, that is what God gave me, and they just began to flow, and I love to honor Jesus in this manner.


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