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Murder in the Gazebo

Murder in the Gazebo

Murder in the Gazebo

Yazar: Chloe Evans
Yayınevi : VegaWire Media
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  • Dili : İngilizce | Barkod : 9781937453275 | Format : Epub

Melanie Eagleton, an accomplished and sexy 40ish woman, is settled among tight friends and comfortable surroundings, until a handsome stranger motors up to the dock by the gazebo at her lakefront cottage. She invites him to a waterfront dinner party and they fall in love over tables lush with aromatic food and drink (recipes included). But, as the evening evolves, it becomes clear not all will live to see the morning.

About the Author

Chloe Evans began composing fiction even before learning how to write. When asked what happened to the cookies her mother baked for a holiday celebration, she told the story of a Santa Clause who got lost while flying back to the North Pole, and because of the early onset of senility, could not control his reindeer, which ran amok in the kitchen and ate up all of the cookies, but only the chocolate ones with sprinkles, which really upset her because those were, as everyone in the family knew, her favorite.

Whether the mother believed the story or not, the mother never said. But she cooked up a new batch, with a few extra just in case Santa and his thieving reindeers got lost again. Thus began

Chloe’s life-long interest in crime fiction and cooking. Murder in the Gazebo is her first novel. She cooks and writes in New York City.



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