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Senior Assassin

Senior Assassin

Senior Assassin

Yayınevi : Black Opal Books
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  • Dili : İngilizce | Barkod : 9781626941793 | Format : Epub

Her dreams of a trip across Europe on a luxury train hadn’t included murder…

In 1937, with the clouds of war looming on the horizon, librarian Fiona Vancleave dreams of luxury train trips involving exotic places and romantic interludes. But when she wins a trip on the Orient Express, she quickly discovers that things aren’t quite as she envisioned them. While romance might be a possibility with fellow passenger, the enigmatic Winchester Barrington, IV, Fiona doesn’t know if she can trust him, especially when she finds herself suspected of murder. Alone in a foreign country, facing possible jail time or even execution is certainly not what she had in mind when she booked her trip.

He’s a spy, searching for an assassin, but he hadn’t expected to find romance…

Winchester Barrington, IV, scion of a wealthy Connecticut family, boards the Orient Express, ostensibly for a pleasure trip from Paris to Istanbul. In reality, he’s a spy for the United States War Department on the trail of a master assassin. His mission: to find and capture this elusive executioner. Among a growing list of suspects, including an Oxford Don, an American entrepreneur, a Chicago gangster, and two mysterious Turkish men, Win finds himself attracted to Fiona, a shy librarian who may actually be his quarry.


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