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The Complete Leo Tolstoy

The Complete Leo Tolstoy

The Complete Leo Tolstoy

Yazar: Leo Tolstoy
Yayınevi : Bybliotech
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  • Dili : İngilizce | Barkod : 9781627768245 | Format : Epub

The Ultimate Collection of Leo Tolstoy - In One Beautifully Formatted Volume!

Leo Tolstoy is one of the most celebrated literary figures of all time, his iconic novels "War and Peace", and "Anna Karenina" featuring on countless "Must-Read" lists for decades.

Combined here in one painstakingly researched and compiled volume are the Complete Works of Leo Tolstoy, separated into the following sections: Novels, Short-Stories, Drama and Non-Fiction. This ebook has been carefully formatted and checked for errors, and has an interactive table of contents linking to every chapter for ease of navigation.

There are so many works contained in this volume there is not space to list them all - here is a selection of the contents:



- Childhood

- Boyhood

- Youth

- Family Happiness

- Cossacks

- War and Peace

- Anna Karenina

- Death of Ivan Ilych

- Kreutzer Sonata

- Resurrection

- Forged Coupon

- Hadji Muradi



- Decembrists

- A Morning of a landed Proprietor



- The Raid - A Volunteer's Story

- Recollections of a Billiard-Marker

- Wood-Felling, the Cadet's Story

- The Sevastopol Sketches

- The Snowstorm

- Two Hussars

- Lucerne

- Albert

- Three Deaths

- Polikushka, or, the Lot of a Wicked Court Servant

- God Sees the Truth, But Waits

- The Prisoner of the Caucasus

- What Men Live By

- Quench the Spark, or, A Spark Neglected Burns the House

- Where Love Is, God Is Also

- Wisdom of Children, Or Little Girls Wiser Than Old Men

- How Much Land Does a Man Need?

- Ivan the Fool-proof

- How the Little Devil Earned the Crust of Bread, or, Promoting the Devil

- The Repentent Sinner

- A Grain As Big As A Hen's Egg, or, Grain

- The Three Hermit's

- Kholstomer, or, Strider: The Story of a Horse

- Master and Man

- Too Dear!

- Esarhaddon, King of Assyria

- Work, Death, and Sickness

- Three Questions

- After the Ball, or, After the Dance

- Alyosha the Pot

- The Devil

- Father Sergius

- The Bear Hunt

- The Candle

- The Coffee-House of Surat

- The Cutting of the Forest

- A Dialogue of the Forest People

- Diary of a Lunatic

- The Empty Drum

- Evil Allures, But good Endures

- Fables For Children

- My Dream

- There Are No Guilty People

- The Young Tsar

- The Godson

- The Great Bear

- Ilyas

- The Imp and the Crust

- The long Exile

- A Lost Opportunity

- An Old Acquaintance

- Scene From Commonlife

- Stories From Botany

- Stories From Physics

- Stories From the New Speller

- Stories of my Dogs

- Tales From Zoology

- Three Parables

- Two Brothers and the Gold

- Neglect the Fire and You Cannot Put it Out

- The Old Men

- Yermak, The Conqueror of Siberia



- Power of Darkness

- First Distiller

- Fruits of Culture

- Redemption

- Cause of It All

- Light Shines in Darkness

- Live Corpse



- The Journal of Leo Tolstoy

- A Confession

- The Kingdom of God is With You

- What Then Must We Do?

- On The Significance of Science and Art

- Bethink Yourselves!

- Article on the Census in Moscow

- On Shakespeare

- Reminiscences of Tolstoy

- Autobiography of Countess Tolstoy


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