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The Diseased

The Diseased

The Diseased

Yayınevi : Black Opal Books
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  • Dili : İngilizce | Barkod : 9781626940253 | Format : Epub

She’s not your average teenager...She starts fires with her mind!

Sixteen-year-old Sable Mosley thinks her life is over when her parents send her to a psychiatric hospital, but that’s only the beginning. She’s isn’t the only person there who has freaky powers. There is a whole race of people classified by the government as The Diseased—they can see the future, create air shields, or even drain the life out of others.

Then she escapes with the breathtakingly-handsome Brandon Harper, and her very existence is threatened. A secret government agency is hunting down people like Brandon, and now Sable, determined to turn them into biological weapons or kill them. Can Sable survive her attraction to Brandon, her new life as an enemy of the state, and the government assassins, or will she forfeit everything for just being who she is?


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